At the GMC meeting on 23rd October 2017 it was agreed that there was a subversive and divisive element within the Club intent on spreading false rumour and malcontent. This has led to haIl booking cancellations with a detrimental effect on the Club’s finances, social disharmony amongst Club members and the resignation of 3 valuable GMC members. The Chairman will request the latter to reconsider their decisions.

Up to the end of September 2O17 mid-week entertainment organised by the Entertainment Committee has shown an increase in profits of £3,525.04 over the same period of the previous year. Whilst some changes may not suit all members this is clearly of benefit to the Club.

A full Saturday evening entertainment programme will continue to be provided on a regular basis. This will continue to be free for Club members with no increase in membership fees for the fourth consecutive year. It wiII also continue to be available to members' guests with no increase in the £5.00 entrance fee.

Members and guests attending on Saturday evenings are however requested to show support for the Tote and Raffle as profits from these assist in providing funds to meet the entertainment costs.

The Odds 200 Club membership has increased from 140 in 2015 to the present 172, thanks mainly to the efforts of Mr Brian Alcock. Mrs Ann Hawkins has agreed to take over this duty and she would welcome applications to bring the total to 200. Anyone interested in joining should contact Ann or any other member of the GMC.

The GMC also has in hand the refurbishment of the toilet facilities including the possibility of a disabled toilet.

All Club members are reminded that all complaints must be made in writing to the Club Secretary, Mr Peter Rappitt, and not used to start false rumours and spread discontent. Constructive criticism and suggestions from Club members are very welcome and may be made to any GMC member. All GMC members are reminded that Committee business is confidential and the old war time maxim "WALLS HAVE EARS" applies.

All Club members and their guests are reminded that parking on double yellow lines is not permitted and Blue Badges must be prominently displayed, if parking in designated disabled spaces.

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North Enfield Conservative Club (NECC)

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